foam die cutting machinery

Die Cutting

Die cutting is a basic but also popular foam fabrication capabilities that easily allow the same shape to be generated uniformly in various foam materials. Steel rule die cutting is one of the most frequently used die-cutting forms.

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foam skiving machine for different custom thicknesses of foam sheets

Splitting & Skiving 

Our splitting & skiving machines are highly efficient and accurate to shave raw material in sheet usually to required thickness. The skiving machinery are versatile to all sorts of foam material. 

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foam tape automatic foam slitting machine

Automatic Slitting

By using our state of art automatic slitters, FOAMTECH offers a variety of slitting methods to slit plenty of foam material with or without adhesive to achieve custom widths. The mainly slitting techniques are lathe slitting and rewind slitting.

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automatic foam lamination machine for foam composites

Foam Lamination

FOAMTECH offers a variety of custom and flexible lamination capabilities. They are categorized in two main ways – PSA lamination and heat lamination. You can find the best lamination solution form our experienced technical sales.

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CNC foam cutting machines for foam packaging insert

CNC Contour Cutting

Highly computerized with excellent automation, Our CNC contour cutting system is frequently used for producing two dimensional shapes in large volumes. It is an popular technique for custom foam fabrication.

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foam thermoforming molding fabrication machine


Catering to the needs of 3D shape foam parts, FOAMTECH has the thermoforming capabilities to achieve it. Our thermoforming technique can work with two main material including EVA foams and cross linked polyethylene foams.

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FOAMTECH hot wire foam cutting machinery

Hot Wire Cutting

FOAMTECH has hot wire cutting capacity for custom foam fabrication. Our hot wire cutting technique is an innovative technology that uses an electrically charged metal wire to cut through many different types of foam including EVA foam and cross linked polyethylene foam.

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custom packaging service for foam fabrication capabilities

Value Added Services

The work is not finished after the fabricated foam products come off production line. FOAMTECH brings efficient and highly supportive value added services to your products and include private label & custom packaging, assembly & fulfillment and screen printing & heat transfer.

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