Foam Thermoforming

Catering to the needs of custom 3D shape foam parts, FOAMTECH has the foam thermoforming capabilities to achieve this. Thermoforming is a process where our foam materials are heated by the thermoforming system until the foam material turns into a pliable state. Then it will be formed to a specific shape in a custom developed mold. Finally the semi-finished foam parts will be trimmed by us to the custom specifications as required. Foam parts with our thermoforming finishing are of semi-harness, smooth surface and contoured shape which can effectively help protect from impact, shock, dust and moisture with excellent cushioning. Our thermoforming techinique can work with two main material including EVA foams and cross linked polyethylene foams. It can also be applied to foam composite mostly the foam and fabric composite material. Thermoformed foam products are shockproof and lightweight, which make them perfect to use for marine products, medical products, military and safety products.

Foam materials thermoforming technique refers to:

  • EVA       ethylene vinyl acetate foam

  • PE          crosslinked polyethylene foam

foam thermoforming molding fabrication machine

Typical industry and foam products:

foam thermoforming for foam knee pad inserts