Closed Cell Soft PVC Foam

FOAMTECH soft PVC foam is a flexible, mid-density closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride foam also called vinyl foam for various industrial applications. Our expanded vinyl foam is typically used as seals, gaskets, cushioning pads, weather stripping and insulation foam tapes and so on. FOAMTECH soft PVC foam comes usually with thickness from 0.6 mm to 8 mm and it can be easily fabricated to desired shapes and cut to size with adhesive or without also even laminated with polyester film. Excellent shock & sound absorption and resistance to most solvents and chemicals can be achieved by our Polyvinyl Chloride foam material. It also provides an excellent combination of flexibility and conformability with strength and wear resistance resulting in long life seal against air, moisture, light and dust penetration. Our PVC foam is generally used to seal, cushion, insulate and dampen vibration in a variety of industrial and sports applications. It includes construction, H.V.A.C., automotive, transportation, sports mat and other industrial usage.


  • Mid-density closed cell structure

  • Strong sealing ability

  • Sound dampening and shock absorption

  • Insulates against temperature

  • Low water absorption

  • Inherently resistant to most chemicals and acids


  • Excellent cushion against shock and vibration

  • Effective resistance to moisture, air, light and dust

  • Performs well in a variety of temperatures

  • Easily manufacture with or without self-adhesive

  • Versatile in a wide range of industrial applications


black closed cell soft pvc foam sheets with adhesive backing
soft closed cell pvc foam seal gaskets