Integrating a Wide Range of Foam Materials and Fabrication Techniques, FOAMTECH Has Been a Leading Foam Product Supplier Dedicated to Providing Premium Foam Products for Customers Worldwide. We are Competent to Provide One Stop Services and Innovative Custom Solutions to Meet Diverse Needs of Various Applications and Industries.

Who We Are

As a leading specialized foam manufacturer and fabricator, FOAMTECH has been dedicated to working with customers worldwide. We have a young, energetic and industrious team always quickly responding to customer needs with effective solutions. Digging into foam industry, our team can always deliver the most helpful expertise for customers’ projects.

At the most begin, we mainly focus on Chinese domestic market. We did have international business but most of them are contracted with international export companies. Facing more opportunities in overseas markets, we decided to move into international trade by ourselves. With our constant improvements in our production machinery and management also striving and dedication of our talented workers, our international business has been steadily moving upward. 

How Number Defines Us

Factory Area
Skilled In-house Workers
Client Retention Rate
Customer Markets

Precise Cutting With Tight Tolerance

Advantages You Will Get Over Your Competitors

Sophisticated Industrial Expertise

With years of foam fabrication experience, FOAMTECH always provides the best effective solutions for customers.

People with know-Hows

People with know-how, talents and experiences are raised here and given opportunities for their career path and company development. Our people can be your competent business supporter.

Strict Quality Assurance

Every order will be carefully inspected before shipment. Product inspection documents are kept updated by us for every process regarding customer order.

Following Up Every Step

Every process from raw material preparation to packaging of finished product is inspected by our skilled staff with strict procedures. Our mission is to make the foam products well-kept to reach your warehouse.

State-Of-Art Fabrication Machinery

Thanks to our advanced production facilities, we can always keep our promise every time on lead time, quality and potential challenges.

Speed and Quality Guarantee

Our advanced foam fabrication facilities can always be the backbone to provide customer a better delivery time and consistent quality. Quick sampling making time is also a great benefits to customers.

Private Label Support

With integrated packaging resources within supply chains, we are experienced working with customers needing private label and custom packaging solutions.

Flexible Custom Packaging Provider

We provide flexible custom packaging services and are capable of accepting small quantity requirements which can helps a lot for customers who have their own product brands or who need our products to start for their new markets.

Highly Collaborative Team

FOAMTECH has a highly supportive and dedicated team who have wide experience in foam industry and can help customer to find the best solutions in quick time.

Efficient & Effective Communication

Your business will be served by a highly experienced and dedicated team and will be provided with endless valuable industry and products news. With us,  your operation will be optimized from our hard-working.

Fast Delivery Tradition

With efficient production capabilities and near location to China transportation hub, a fast delivery we can always make it happen for customer's urgent needs.

Always looking for a better delivery time

A customer wanted delivery time can always be scheduled by our well-organized operation including raw material preparation, products production, packaging sourcing and shipment arrangement.

Carefully Selected Material For Various Applications

What We Do

Focusing on foam material products and related markets, FOAMTECH has been a leading foam fabricator and supplier in this filed. We are dedicated to providing our customer differences on products, services and value-added benefits with our growing experience and expertise. Resources and benefits you will get from us include: