CNC Foam Cutting

Highly computerized with excellent automation, Our CNC foam cutting system is frequently used for producing two dimensional shapes in large volumes. It is an popular technique for custom foam fabrication. This technique is rapid and efficient with economical tooling cost which are mainly applied to vertically cut variety of foam material into complex and contoured custom shapes. Our contour technique is working well with various CAD technologies, which helps our custom foam products with improved size accuracy, faster cutting speed and enhanced material yield. Compared with regular die-cutting technique, it is of free moulding charge for steel rule die and more productive. Also our CNC contour cutting is capable of processing a wide range of foam materials including EVA foam, Polyethylene foam and polyurethane foam etc.. FOAMTECH CNC contour cutting is widely used in the Auto industry, packaging industry, furniture industry and lots of daily usage industries.

Foam materials CNC contour cutting technique refers to:

  • EVA       ethylene vinyl acetate foam

  • PE          polyethylene foam

  • EPE        expanded polyethylene Foam

  • PU          polyurethane foam

CNC foam cutting machines for foam packaging insert

Typical industry and foam products:

custom cnc coutour cutting too case inserts