• yellow and black foam garage wall protector
  • cushion garage wall protector for car door protection in garage
  • garage wall protector with white and red reflective tape

Garage Wall Protector For Safe Car Parking

Our foam garage wall protector is an effective and economical protective tool for both your vehicle and garage wall. They can be made of various foam cushioning material, such as EVA foam, polyethylene foam and polyurethane foam, which provides consistent cushioning to protect your car from scratched and damaged. Easy to install, our foam  protector has a very strong and tough self-adhesive backing so that you can just peel and stick to everywhere you need cushioning and safety protection. On its surface, our foam garage wall protector is mounted with a light reflective film in red & white or yellow & black diagonal strips which can alert to hazards. When using our foam protector, you can even cut to the wanted size by doing it yourself.


  • Durable closed cell cushioning foam
  • Tough alert surface film
  • Strong self adhesive backing
  • Available in various sizes and shapes


  • Effective and economical protection for car and wall
  • Alert to hazards
  • Easy to install
  • Easily cut to wanted size
  • Eliminate dings, scratches and dents
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  • Walls, pillars, doors
  • Common garages,
  • Private car park
  • Shopping mall garages etc.
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  • Make sure the surface area the foam protector will stick to is smooth, clear and dry.
  • Simply peel off the adhesive back and carefully press the foam pad to make firm bonding.
  • Foam protector pads can be easily cut to desired sizes for installation.

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