Closed Cell PE Foam Sheet

FOAMTECH PE foam sheet is a closed cell, cross-linked, expanded foam based on polyethylene polymer resin. It is available in densities from 30 kg/m³ to 300 kg/m³. Our PE foam is extruded in planks, sheets or custom profile shapes. Unlike polyurethane foam, FOAMTECH PE foam has the capability of being reheated in order to change its shape. They perform quite well where thermal or heat insulation need such as underlay and roofing. Our PE foam is also lightweight, flexible, highly buoyant and resistant to shock, water, mold. It is a very cost-effective solution available in several densities, hardness, colors, anti-static even flame retardance, which makes it an extremely popular manufacturing choice in a wide range of applications. Beside as a excellent heat insulation material, they are also usually found in packaging for tool box, medical and electronic devices, sporting goods, transportation industry, marine products etc.. Fabrication of our PE foam is a relatively easy process. It can be easily cut into custom desired shape or dimensions using die-cutting, vertical sawing, CNC contour cutting, PSA lamination techniques and so on.


  • Closed cell structure

  • Cross linked foam

  • Heat insulation

  • Water and mold resistance

  • Excellent buoyancy

  • Flame retardance

  • Anti static


  • Non-dusting

  • Reliable thermal insulation

  • Weather and chemical resistance

  • Excellent shock absorption and vibration dampening

  • Resistant to water, chemicals solvents and oils

  • Buoyancy with low water absorption

  • Suitability for thermo-forming and thermo-moulding


  • Foam Packaging

  • Flooring underlayment

  • Roofing insulation with aluminum foil

  • Automotive interior

  • Flotation

  • Cushioning

  • H.V.A.C./ Pipe wrap

  • Furniture edge protection

  • Sports protective padding

  • Marine Products

closed cell pe foam sheet rolls
foam fabrication machinery for cross linked polyethylene foam sheet