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Archery Target Foam Blocks

Our foam material is ideal to make excellent archery target foam blocks. Constructed of highly durable closed cell EVA Foam or Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam, our archery target is one of the longest lasting targets available. Lightweight and easy to move, making it a perfect target to practice anywhere you want. Also our foam archery target is designed to be resistant to moisture and heating, which makes it quite suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. To make it more attractive and user-friendly, our archery target can be 4-sided shooting and is available with any custom printing on it. These targets are being provided in various sizes and shapes mainly square and round. Here you can find out the best target for training, demonstration or competitions.


  • Durable closed-cell foam structure
  • Self-healing foam
  • Built-in carrying handle available
  • Various custom sizes available


  • Easy arrow removal
  • Lightweight desig
  • Multiple shooting surfaces
  • All-purpose archery targets
  • Easily portable to practice anywhere
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