Foam Lamination

FOAMTECH offers a variety of custom and flexible foam lamination capabilities. They are categorized in two main ways – PSA lamination and heat lamination. PSA lamination also called adhesive lamination which is one of more traditional and frequently used techniques to combine foam material with adhesive backing. Our adhesive lamination production line has the ability to laminate various of foam rubber material and adhesives including pressure sensitive adhesive, acrylic and 3M series. For heat lamination, it usually refers to hot melt adhesive lamination and flame lamilation, which is used mostly for creating composite material such as foam to foam, foam to fabric, foam to felt, foam to film and so on. The basic production process is that the heat melts the surface of the foam, turning it to be tacky that essentially acts as an adhesive. That surface is then combined with another material, such as a foam, fabric etc.. Finally the two materials are then bonded together under pressure to be composite. You can find the best lamination solution for your project form our experienced technical sales.

Foam materials lamination technique refers to:

  • EVA       ethylene vinyl acetate foam

  • PE          polyethylene foam

  • EPE        expanded polyethylene Foam

  • NBR       PVC nitrile foam

  • PVC        polyvinyl chloride foam

  • SBR        styrene butadiene foam rubber

  • CR          neoprene foam rubber

  • EPDM     ethylene propylene diene monomer foam rubber

automatic foam lamination machine for foam composites

Typical industry and foam products:

foam lamination for foam underlay with foil film