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29 08, 2022

The Most Popular Foam Products Used in Construction Industry

2022-08-31T07:35:48+00:00By |Categories: Foam Products & Materials|

Foam material are available in closed cell and open cell structure, and they are also available in a broad range of densities and firmness, which can help foam perform well on shock absorption, sound dampening, water resistance, and heat insulation. With all versatile properties, foam products are naturally

14 06, 2022

How To Make Custom Molded Foam Products: The Best Definitive Guide

2022-06-15T13:16:06+00:00By |Categories: Others|

With a wide range of densities, properties and molding techniques, foam materials are naturally suitable for making 3D formed products. Typical molding methods can be easy to work with various foam materials such as EVA foam, Polyethylene foam, Polyurethane foam and EPP (Expanded polypropylene). Let’s find out the

11 05, 2022

Introducing: The 6 Most Popular Foam Water Sports Products

2022-05-18T15:11:17+00:00By |Categories: Foam Products & Materials|

With great waterproof and lightweight properties, closed cell foam materials such are Polytheylene foam, EVA foam and closed cell Nitrile foam are widely used in water sports field. Foam can be found in wide aspects of water sports products such as surfboard, bodyboard, water floats, water mats and

24 04, 2022

Foam Gaskets Manufacture: The Best Definitive Guide

2022-04-24T15:31:54+00:00By |Categories: Foam Products & Materials, FOAMTECH Capabilites|

With accessing to a wide range of foam materials with both closed cell and open cell foam, foam gaskets, also called foam seals and sponge gaskets, can be easily fabricated into various custom sizes and shapes. Due to versatile performance on shock absorption, sound dampening, water-proofing, gap filling

17 10, 2019

EPP Expanded Polypropylene: Molded Foam Sheets

2019-10-17T11:36:39+00:00By |Categories: Foam Products & Materials, Markets & Applications|

EPP foam, short for expanded polypropylene foam, is a commonly used foam material that is used for a wide variety of application for insulation, protection, buoyancy and packaging ect.. Expanded polypropylene is made by molding methods and comes in sheets or various custom molded shapes and sizes. What

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