Vinyl Nitrile Foam Rubber

FOMETECH NBR foam, also usually called PVC vinyl nitrile foam rubber by customers, is a polymer blend of Nitrile and PVC material. Our PVC vinyl nitrile foam is soft and flexible mid-density closed cell rubber foam which is naturally excellent at thermal insulation, sound deadening and flame retardance and shock & impact absorbing. Due to its closed cell construction, our NBR foam is also an ideal sealing and gasket material against moisture, gas or liquid. Our PVC nitrile foam comes originally with soft smooth outer skin in rolls or tubes & pipes which results in an enhanced insulation ability. They can be easily fabricated with adhesive or without, even coated with aluminum foil for superior heat insulation and energy-saving properties. FOMETECH PVC/NITRILE foam can be available for a wide range of applications including HVAC seals and gasket, duct liner and wrap, roofing insulation, wall sound absorption, foam yoga mat, general sealing and insulation purposes for automotive and construction industries etc.. 


  • Closed cell structure

  • Flexible and lightweight

  • High thermal efficiency

  • Sound absorption properties

  • Flame retardance

  • Low water absorption rate

  • High water vapor diffusion resistance

  • Resistance to oil and grease


  • Strong thermal and acoustic insulator

  • Perfect water and moisture barrier

  • Excellent shock and impact cushioning

  • Versatile for various of applications and usage

  • Available for adhesive backing and foils


Flexible Vinyl Nitrile Foam Sheet and Tubes
PVC Vinyl Nitrile Foam Sheets At Stock