• blue and orange color foam car washing brush
  • Auto wash brush for car washing machine
  • Auto car washing machine using yellow foam car wash brush

Auto Wash Brush For Car Washing Equipment

The auto wash brush is a core component for the auto car washing machine. Made by high quality EVA foam with closed cell structure, the foam car wash brush can overtake the traditional bristle brushes. Not like the traditional bristle, it can guarantee a high wash performance and extraordinary long-lasting results. Furthermore, thanks for our superior foam material, it does not transfer on or tarnish paintwork, keeping the original brightness. Lastly our foam auto wash brushes are available in various sizes and colors to fit into your car washing equipment.


  • High elasticity and flexibility
  • Closed cell foam structure
  • Innovative design for car washing
  • Custom sizes and colors


  • High wash power
  • Superior cleaning performance
  • Soft and delicate touch
  • Water saving
  • Resistance and durability 
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