EVA Foam Sheets

FOAMTECH EVA foam sheets are closed cell foam made from ethylene vinyl acetate and blended copolymer resin. It is available in densities from 30 kg/m³ to 280 kg/m³ in various colors. Our foam is formed in a mold, resulting in a sheet of closed cell cross-linked foam known as a bun. The maximum length, width and thickness of the bun varies depending upon the foam’s density. We can cut the bun into sheets of the desired thickness or fabricate the material into a particular shape, piece or block. EVA and polyethylene are similar forms of Closed Cell Foam. However compared with Polyethylene foam, FOAMTECH EVA foam is softer and more resilient than polyethylene foam, also has greater recovery ability after compression. Our EVA foam is suitable for use in a wide variety of situations and applications. Its applications are to be found in consumer products, sports, leisure and footwear industries. FOAMTECH EVA foams are also used widely in the construction industry where its enhanced durability, along with its sealing properties and chemical resistance qualities.


  • Closed cell structure

  • Cushioning protection

  • Heat insulation

  • Shock resistance

  • Water Proof

  • Flame retardance

  • Anti static


  • Impact and shock absorption

  • Weather, chemical and oil resistance

  • Acoustic and thermal insulation properties

  • Buoyancy with low water absorption

  • Suitability for thermoforming


color eva foam sheets well packed on pallets
foaming mould machine for eva foam materials