Foam Die Cutting

Foam die cutting is a very basic but also popular foam fabrication technique that easily allows the same shape to be generated uniformly in various foam materials. Steel rule die cutting is one of the most frequently used die-cutting forms. At first, we need to develop a precise steel rule die according to custom specification and requirements. A sheet of steel will be bent and formed into an exact custom shape. After the steel rule die finished correctly, we then place it onto our high speed die-cutting machinery. The foam material is then pressed onto the blade of the die, cutting through the material to generate the finished foam products. Die cutting is a quite handy and efficient way for regular foam fabrication.

Foam materials Die-cutting technique refers to:

  • EVA       ethylene vinyl acetate foam

  • PE          polyethylene foam

  • EPE        expanded polyethylene Foam

  • PU          polyurethane foam

  • NBR       PVC nitrile foam

  • PVC        polyvinyl chloride foam

  • SBR        styrene butadiene foam rubber

  • CR          neoprene foam rubber

  • EPDM     ethylene propylene diene monomer foam rubber

foam die cutting machinery

Typical industry and foam products:

die-cutting soft pvc foam sealer gaskets