• black eva car floor mat for automotive use
  • black eva car mat used at car front floor
  • custom car mats for car boot

EVA Custom Car Mats

We are proud to introduce our Ecomax custom car mats which are functional and affordable car carpet solution. It is composed of our unique EVA rubber foam composite so that our cat mats are flexible, durable and water resistant. For most times, the mats are strictly custom-tailored to fit any specific car model. They are fabricated with a smart double layers design, which makes the mats can keep your car floor quite tidy and clean. Every piece of our car mat contains Velcro at the back, which is useful to stick onto the original car floor board and avoid slippage of carpet while driving. Also the car mat comes originally in a very large sheet. We can also fabricate it in small pieces and sell to customers that they can any wanted sizes by DIY.


  • Flexible and durable EVA rubber composite
  • Anti-slip surface for safe driving 
  • Special double layers structure
  • Velcro backing for easy installation


  • Easy to use and clean up
  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • Preventing dusts and particles
  • Comfortable and anti-fatigue cushioning
  • Available in various custom sizes
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  • Car front floor
  • Car rear floor
  • Car boot floor
  • Pull back the driver seat and remove your original car mat.
  • Place your original mat on FOAMTECH car mat.
  • Cut according to the shape of the original mat with knife or other sharp tools.
  • Put the new car mat back to the footboard of your car.
  • Test the brake and acceleration pedal for a proper position.

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