Neoprene Foam Rubber

FOAMTECH CR (Neoprene) foam is specially manufactured to be a soft, flexible and breathable blended sponge rubber. We formulate Neoprene foam rubber in closed cell structure which has thickness ranging from 0.5 mm to 40 mm. It is always the right choice for custom needs concerning cushioning, sealing and insulation. FOAMTECH CR foam is excellent at resilience, shock reduction, durability and resistance to solvent, moisture and ozone. Also it is inherently made with good fire retardence ability. By using regular fabrication techniques including die cutting, adhesive lamination and heat lamination etc., we can easily create all sorts of custom made shapes with our Neoprene foam. FOAMTECH CR foam is widely used as composite material for sports and marine usage by fabricated with SBR foam and all kinds of fabric material. Neoprene foam tapes or strips are quite popular for general industrial use and offered with adhesive backing or without. Our Neoprene foam is in black color and can be printed with various custom printing design with scree printing or heat transfer methods.


  • Closed cell sponge rubber

  • Soft, flexible and durable

  • Strong cushioning

  • High elasticity

  • Weathering Resistance

  • Fame retardence


  • Excellent shock and impact absorption

  • Impressive compression strength

  • Moisture and oil resistance

  • Easily fabricated with fabric material

  • Long term sealing ability

  • Thermal and electrical insulating capability


  • Seals and gaskets

  • Foam tapes with or without acrylic adhesive

  • Weather stripping

  • Transportation seating

  • Neoprene and fabric composites

  • Protective foam pads and cushioning products

neoprene foam rubber sheet
Neoprene sponge rubber with different thicknesses