SBR Foam Rubber

FOAMTECH SBR foam or sponge is a closed cell copolymer of styrene and butadiene foam rubber material. Our SBR foam rubber has properties similar to natural rubber. It is specially formulated synthetic foam rubber for general industrial purposes and economical substitute for other foam material as sealing pads, gaskets and tapes etc.. It also frequently used as clothing composite fabric by laminated our SBR foam sponge with fabric and neoprene foam which can highly enhance elasticity and durability for clothing and footwear. FOAMTECH SBR foam are excellent at resilience, flexibility, abrasion resistance, shock & sound dampening and resistance to moisture, dust and air. They are high cost effective sponge rubber applied for sealing and cushioning usage. Also Our SBR foam comes originally in sheets and can be specially fabricated into rolls. The thickness range for SBR sponge is from 1 mm to 40 mm. They can be quite easily fabricated to all sorts of custom required shapes and sizes by die-cutting, machinery sawing, skiving and slitting process. 


  • Closed cell foam rubber

  • Shock absorption and vibration dampening

  • Flexible and resilient

  • Heat-aging

  • Resistant to wear and weak acids


  • Economical material for general sealing and cushion

  • Versatile in various comfort-needed situation

  • Easily work with a variety of fabric

  • Easily fabricated foam rubber


  • Foam gaskets

  • Sealing strips

  • Foam tapes with or without adhesive

  • Diving suit material

  • Lining material

  • Clothing composite material

  • Footwear Manufacturing

SBR foam sponge rubber sheet
SBR neoprene foam fabric composite