17 10, 2019

EPP Expanded Polypropylene: Molded Foam Sheets

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EPP foam, short for expanded polypropylene foam, is a commonly used foam material that is used for a wide variety of application for insulation, protection, buoyancy and packaging ect.. Expanded polypropylene is made by molding methods and comes in sheets or various custom molded shapes and sizes. What

9 03, 2019

How EVA Foam Brush Works For The Best Car Wash Systems

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Trust almost everyone has gone to a car wash station, so you should have seen the auto car wash brush, and experienced the service provided by a automatic tunnel car wash system. You might not know what the brush material is. But currently EVA foam is largely used

16 04, 2017

Foam Packaging Insert: Best Selection Guide

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When you try to find packaging for your new product, you should have known this process can be real time-consuming. The packaging for a product especially targeted for end-user market can never only include paper packaging for product. For most cases, your fragile products might need protective foam

6 10, 2016

Comfort Foam Pads For Helmet Headgear Accessories

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Boxing is a quite fierce and severe sports, so safety protection is the must for players in the games, especially for head.Here we have worked with customers a small but helpful foam gadgets for a improved and enhanced protection for boxing players. These foam cushion pads comes in

21 09, 2016

Disposable Sticky Feet Foam Pads

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Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam is a kind of odorless, comfortable and environment-friendly material. It can be easily fabricated to any custom required shapes and sizes with adhesive backing available. All these advantages make them quite frequently and ideally used for medical and hygiene relevant applications.

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