10 03, 2019

Foam Tubes: Best Industrial Cushioning & Insulation Material

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Foam tubes, also called foam pipes or foam grips, are widely used in various application such as heat insulation and shock absorption. Today we are introducing 3 mainstream foam tubes - Nitrile foam tube,  Polyethylene foam tube and EPDM foam tube. Get to know Nitrile foam tubes in

10 03, 2019

Foam Fabrication Techniques: The Best Definitive Guide

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Foam products can be found everywhere such as sofa, chair, tape, insert packaging, baby pay mat, furniture and mattress upholstery. Here we are going to introduce how foam fabricators utilize a wide range of amazing foam fabrication techniques to make all sorts of foam products. Foam materials are

9 03, 2019

How EVA Foam Brush Works For The Best Car Wash Systems

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Trust almost everyone has gone to a car wash station, so you should have seen the auto car wash brush, and experienced the service provided by a automatic tunnel car wash system. You might not know what the brush material is. But currently EVA foam is largely used

9 03, 2019

Open Cell Foam Vs. Closed Cell Foam: Best Definitive Guide

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Foam Material family is a HUGE group which can be categorized in many ways and types. For you easily, all foam materials can be either open cell foam or closed cell foam. It might be complicated for you to learn what exactly they are in a short time.

16 04, 2017

Foam Packaging Insert: Best Selection Guide

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When you try to find packaging for your new product, you should have known this process can be real time-consuming. The packaging for a product especially targeted for end-user market can never only include paper packaging for product. For most cases, your fragile products might need protective foam

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