16 04, 2017

Foam Packaging Insert: Best Selection Guide

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When you try to find packaging for your new product, you should have known this process can be real time-consuming. The packaging for a product especially targeted for end-user market can never only include paper packaging for product. For most cases, your fragile products might need protective foam

16 02, 2017

EVA Foam Puzzle Mats: The Best Buying Guide

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You can always see EVA foam puzzle mats in lot of places like supermarket, Amazon, eBay and so on. But when you are trying to buy these foam floor mats, do you really know what they are and how do you buy the right foam mats from various

17 01, 2017

EVA Foam Material: The Best Definitive Guide

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You can almost find EVA foam material everywhere! They are usually provided by EVA foam suppliers as EVA foam sheets, EVA foam rolls, EVA foam puzzle mats, EVA foam tapes and so on. But do you really know this foam material? Here we are showing you the way

11 12, 2016

NBR Foam Sheet: Best Insulation & Sealing Foam Material

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NBR foam sheet material, also called Vinyl Nitrile foam or PVC NBR foam, is one of most useful and excellent foam materials. They can be fabricated to be Nitrile foam tapes, strips, gaskets, pads, sheets and so on. NBR foam are mostly used for seals, gaskets, heat insulation, soundproof

29 11, 2016

Foam Closure Strips Serving Premium Sealing For Metal Roof Panels

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Foam closure strips for metal roofing are specially formulated with unique wave designs for premium sealing of metal roofing panels. They can also be used as cushion seals for polycarbonate roofing panels. Made of cushioning, durable and water resistant foam materials, metal roof foam closure strips