colorful craft foam sheets

EVA Craft Foam

The color craft foam is great to help your kids express their creativity. Children can use these sheets to create their own foam shapes, or use them as a palette to create new and interesting artwork.

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multicolor glitter craft foam sheets

Glitter Craft Foam

There is so much you can do with the our glitter craft foam sheets. It is easy to give your projects a shimmering glitter accent. Easy to work with and lightweight, these glitter foam sheets are ideal for a variety of home and school projects.

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colorful plush craft foam sheets

Plush Craft Foam

Our plush craft foam can make your art and craft projects stand out from other craft foam. It is great to help your kids express their creativity with comfortable plush textured surface. Children can use these sheets to create their own unique foam shapes for various interesting artworks.

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printing craft foam sheets with custom design

Printed Craft Foam

Our printed craft foam is ideal for children to express their imagination and creativity. The printed foam sheets are quite different from the normal craft foam which is more colorful and shinier.

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color craft foam rolls

Craft Foam Roll

Ignite kids’ imagination and creativity with the our craft foam roll. This foam roll can be cut into desired shapes using a pair of scissors for your arts and crafts projects. They are provided in assorted colors which make them perfect for crafts at home, school, camp, parties and more.

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