2 pairs black thermoforming foam cushion pads Boxing is a quite fierce and severe sports, so safety protection is the must for players in the games, especially for head.Here we have worked with customers a small but helpful foam gadgets for a improved and enhanced protection for boxing players. These foam cushion pads comes in 2 pieces as one pair which have adhesive backing on one side for easy installation. These foam comfort pad kits can be quick and easily used as boxing headgear and helmet liner.

Made by high resilient EVA foam material, the comfort foam cushion pads provide excellent protective cushioning and shock absorption. This is very helpful for when players get a punch from their opponents. Our EVA foam has been specially added with rubber material to boost its longevity and durability. Moreover, as they are carefully treated by thermoforming, their surfaces have been moulded into a clear anti-slip texture that can deeply increase toughness for helmets.

back view of foam pad with adhesive backingLaminated with self-adhesive backing, these pad kits can be much convenient to use. Customers can just simply peel the sticker side off and stick to the liner of the headgear or helmet. Then our foam pad kits will offer sufficient protection for user’s head especially eyes, cheek and chin.

For this comfort foam pad kits project below is needed:

Fabrication techniques

Precise die cutting

Foam thermoforming



EVA Foam Material


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