Sponge neoprene or neoprene foam is one of the most popular foam gasket materials. It is black molded foam with closed cell foaming structure. The original neoprene foam material comes in sheets (length of 2 m and width of 1 m) out from molding machine. They are easy to work with most of foam fabrication machines such as die cutting, vertical sawing, foam lamination, tape slitting and so on.

The typical foam products of neoprene foam includes neoprene foam gaskets, foam tapes, foam strips and neoprene fabric composites. It has many superior physical properties comparing with other foam rubber materials.Industrial use neoprene gasket with adhesive

  • Excellent resistance to ozone, oil and sunlight aging

  • Ultra low water absorption

  • Superior elongation capability

  • High temperature and heat resistance

  • Good resilience and cushioning for long term durability

  • Easy to be fabricated with adhesive, fabric and other composite materials

Customer Case

This is the neoprene gasket we have produced for Spanish customer. Its size is around 160 mm x 100 mm with 3 mm thickness. Based on our experience, neoprene foam sheet of 3 mm thickness is a frequent choice for gaskets manufacture. The foam gaskets we manufactured will be used for industrial sealing applications. With our precise custom die cut slots through the foam gasket sheet, this neoprene gasket can fit well with machine parts and provide durable cushioning and insulation for machine operation. Also the machine components can be well sealed against oil, air and other chemical fluid.

finished foam rubber neoprene gaskets well bundled

After production of the foam gasket, our in-house factory staff will need to make custom foam assembly. This can be a very time consuming process in comparison of the whole production turnover time. What we did for this project was adding 3 small pieces of acrylic adhesive pad to one side of the neoprene gasket. By doing this, our customer can easily install the foam gasket onto the machines without using adhesive tape by themselves.white paper box packaging for neoprene gaskets

We have the capability to arrange the custom assembly. Later before shipping them out, custom white corrugated paper box packaging had been arranged. Our packing workers put the neoprene foam gaskets in boxes as 70 pieces per box. It will be safe and convenient to ship the products to anywhere as customer required.

For this Neoprene foam gaskets project below is needed:

Fabrication techniques

Custom Die cutting

Foam assembly


FOAMTECH Neoprene Foam Rubber

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