It must be quite terrible and frustrated when finding your new car gets lot of striking scratches around its body. Things could be much worse when this car was just borrowed from your best friend. Actually this embarrassing situation can happen to anyone at places like home garage, public parking lot, underground garage of shopping mall, hotel and so on. To eliminate the potential unhappiness, we have released a set of foam products – foam garage wall cushion specially for car safety protection.

What it is and how it works

garage-wall-protector-with-reflective-warning-tapeWe call this product foam garage wall cushion and it can effectively protect your car from being scratching in car parking places. Also our garage wall protector is a much economical and easy way to provide this protection.

It is made of our EVA foam, Polyethylene foam or Polyurethane foam laminated with reflective warning tape on one side and self-adhesive tape on other side. The highly resilient foam material is essential for this product which can provide sufficient shock absorption and impact resistance when bumped by a running cars. The provided cushioning can protect both your car body and the garage wall in safety at the same time. Laminated with safety reflective warning tape in contrasting colors, our foam garage wall protector can also helpfully reminder your awareness of potential danger when move in or out of the garages. Do not forget on other side, we have specially formulate self-adhesive backing for our foam protector that can make the installation totally easy. Just simply peel and stick so that everyone can conveniently use it.

More importantly this warning cushion protection can not just be limited to use at garage places for car safety. They can also be used in many other applications such as factory, warehouse, transportation and construction etc..

Comparison between several materials

As mentioned before, we can use EVA foam, Polyethylene foam or Polyurethane foam to make our foam garage wall cushion. Also others may make them by using rubber material.foam garage wall cushion packaging

Among all these materials, EVA foam would be the best choice on cost and performance.

EVA foam can be easily laminated to reflective warning tape and self-adhesive tape, it also provides better cushioning than Polyurethane foam which is softer and lowly resilient. But Polyurethane foam has lower production cost than other materials.

For Polyethylene foam, they could be as good as EVA foam, but for actual production, more fabrication processes have to be taken. Especially when customers need foam protector with thickness above 10 mm. The maximum regular thickness for it is 10 cm. So if it needs to be thicker, heat lamination technique has to be utilized.

Compared with rubber material, EVA foam can be more economical for this usage. Rubber material is more likely to be used as car door bumper. Also EVA foam perform well enough as rubber material does, so we do not need to spend more money.

Custom packaging solutions we offer

Based on our experiences, we have been used 2 kinds of ways for custom packaging solutions. One way is self-seal poly bag with sticker. The sticker will be available with various custom printing including company information, product demonstration and so on. Another way is ploy bag with header card that can display any custom printing on it.We can then put the foam wall protectors 1-4 packs per bag according to customer requirements. Any more custom packaging solutions can be available and discussable from us based on actual customer cases.

For this foam gaskets project below is needed:

Fabrication techniques

Skiving & Splitting

Vertical sawing

PSA lamination

Foam assembly and Private label service


EVA foam

Polyethylene foam

Polyurethane foam

Reflective warning tape

Custom packaging

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