6 10, 2016

Foam Garage Wall Protector With Reflective Warning Tape

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It must be quite terrible and frustrated when finding your new car gets lot of striking scratches around its body. Things could be much worse when this car was just borrowed from your best friend. Actually this embarrassing situation can happen to anyone at places like home garage,

5 10, 2016

EVA Knee Pad Inserts For Workwear

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The foam knee pad inserts are a typical and popular foam gadgets for workers in industry of construction, building, agriculture, mining and gardening, which are one of the most handy and useful labour protection and personal protection appliances. We have produced knee pad inserts for customers in America, United

22 09, 2016

Neoprene Foam Rubber Gaskets For FPV Products

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Recently we have successfully produced neoprene foam gasket products you could call it foam lipo pads professionally for FPV machines. They are for our customer in Taiwan. After our customer received them, we have been sent back a perfect feedback from him. These foam gaskets

21 09, 2016

Foam Packaging For Tool Control Case

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When we talk about custom packaging, the materials used can never be limited to regular paper material, plastic packaging, wooden packaging and so on. However our foam materials such as EVA foam, Polyethylene foam and Polyurethane foam are also popular and frequently used to serve a variety

21 09, 2016

Disposable Sticky Feet Foam Pads

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Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam is a kind of odorless, comfortable and environment-friendly material. It can be easily fabricated to any custom required shapes and sizes with adhesive backing available. All these advantages make them quite frequently and ideally used for medical and hygiene relevant applications.

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