• custom gray color cooler pad
  • green foam cooler pad on top of cooler
  • White cooler pad in use

Foam Cooler Pad

Our cooler pads are specially designed for a comfortable and anti-slip surface for coolers. Composed of durable closed cell EVA foam material, these cooler pad are nonabsorbent, flexible and anti-fatigue. Attached with strong PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) back, our cooler pads are quite easy to use and just peel & stick to the surface of coolers. You can even cut the cooler pads to wanted sized. The pads not only provide comfortable cushioning and traction surface, but also offer the protection for your coolers from unexpected scratches, chips and dents. Our cooler pads can be available in various custom sizes, colors and Logo design. 


  • Flexible and durable closed cell foam
  • Easy-to-use self adhesive backing
  • Micro-dot non-skid pattern
  • Available in various sizes and colors


  • Excellent traction surface
  • Creating additional seat 
  • Anti-fatigue surface pattern
  • Comfort protection and cushioning
  • Noise reduction characteristics especially for fishermen
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  • Select the right size of cooler pad based on your cooler size.
  • Make sure your cooler is clean, smooth and free of dust & dirt.
  • Place the cooler pad onto your cooler.
  • Slowly peel off the adhesive backing of pad and make sure the pad sticks to your cooler properly.
  • Leave the pad resting for few hours before using your cooler.

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